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I'm down to crunch time here, with only one week left of sophomore year, and my Glasgow portfolio due at the same time (the end of this week).  I'm redoing my portfolio from Keynote to InDesign specifically for Glasgow (those lucky ducks!) so I'll post that version instead of the one I have up now, since I think it's much better.  I think I'll also arrange the site a little differently, but you'll just have to wait and see how that turns out :).

First Post! 03/20/2008

Welcome to the first post of my blog!  I can't guarantee how often I'll be updating this, so don't look for news every day, but I'll certainly keep it up to date as things happen.

As of right now I'm finishing up sophomore year at Pratt in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm looking for an internship in or around Boston, MA for over the summer, preferably paid.  If you know of any openings, let me know!

I'm also in the midst of applying for a semester abroad.  I've been nominated by the Pratt office of international affairs as a candidate they'd like to send abroad to one of my two choices (Glasgow, Scotland being first, and Kelmar, Sweden being second) but they still have to find places for all of their nominees, and if that goes well I still have to have my portfolio accepted by the host school as well.  I'll keep you updated as I find things out!

Have a look around my new website before you leave, and leave me a comment if you like.  Over and out for now!